What’s the best fabric to use?  
We recommend 100% cotton quilting fabric or similar.  

What glue should I use?
We always recommend using PVA.

Are fat quarters suitable?
Fat quarters don’t really work for the Etui box unless you are looking to mix and match.

I don’t have any clothes pegs - what else can I use?
Sewing clips, fold back clips, but please remember to protect your fabric by using scrap cardboard between the clip and your fabric to prevent marking.

My padded pieces are too puffy/lumpy?
Puffy/lumpy pieces can easily be smoothed over with a warm iron.  

Postage charges

We always try to keep postage charges to a minimum.  The nature of the product is that kits which include wadding can be bulky.  We always make a refund if there is an overcharge on postage.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us in advance if you would like an accurate costing, or for any special arrangements.




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