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40 years ago my mother was asked to create and run a residential craft week. We wanted to offer something unique.  Being a talented craftsman my father used his technical and engineering skills to develop the hexagonal box.  He painstaking developed prototypes, hand cutting the cardboard shapes from cereal boxes. Accuracy was paramount to ensure that the boxes closed properly.  Once the design was perfected the shapes were hand cut from mount board. But as time went on the requests for kits from WI’s, craft groups, guide groups and women’s meetings grew and hand cutting became unmanageable.  We invested in having dies made so that the templates could be machine cut and we switched to using acid free board which we knew would perform equally well over the years.  Having invested in the dies these could also be used to cut the polyester wadding allowing us to make these available to customers not wishing to cut their own.

Kits are only available online through the Craft Inspirations 

Please contact me using jill@craftinspirations.co.uk or on 07503 074379

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