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When 40 years ago my mother was asked to create and run a residential craft week for families we had to put our heads together to create something suitable for all ages.  When it came to the ladies we knew wanted to offer something more exciting and move away from knitting, embroidery, patchwork and quilting,  We wanted something unique.

My father was a talented craftsman he was extremely creative and using his technical skills developed the idea of the hexagonal box.  He painstaking developed prototypes, hand cutting the cardboard shapes from cereal boxes. The accuracy with which everything’s had to be cut was paramount to ensure that the boxes closed up properly.  Once the design was perfected he then moved on to cutting the templates from mount board using his hardboard templates as his pattern.

As time went on the requests for kits from WI’s, guide groups and women’s meetings grew we took the decision to invest in having dies made so that the templates could be machine cut.  We switched to using acid free board which we knew would then perform equally well over the years.  This investment also meant that we could expand to having the polyester wadding also cut by machine.  

We are still a small family business, albeit now run my myself and my daughter and the kits are still only available online through the Craft Inspirations website as we wish to maintain a personal service.

We trust that you will find the instructions clear and concise and hope that you will enjoy the experience of making your unique box.

Should something go wrong when you’re constructing your box please don’t be disheartened - most problems are rectifiable.  Please let us know if you’ve a problem associated with your kit and let us help you.


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Once you order has been placed we aim to despatch it within 48 hours.  Instructions for making up your kit(s) will be sent via email.  

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