Our Victorian box design is a useful size and has a 5¼" square footprint when closed and stands 5¾" tall. 

Sometimes called an exploding box, not only do the four outer walls fall open once the lid is removed, the inner four walls also collapse. We’ve given this box a really nice, soft to handle feel as we’ve included a lightweight batting for the outer panels.

Each kit includes the pattern for cutting your fabric to size, the polyester wadding and the die-cut cardboard shapes.  Full instructions will be emailed.

To complete each kit you will need:

Half a metre of your chosen outer fabric and a quarter of a metre of inner fabric; half a metre of ribbon/lace and narrow elastic for making and trimming the pockets. For ease we recommend 100% cotton fabric is used. If you are using a larger design which you wish to centralise or you are pattern matching please allow additional fabric.

You’ll also need PVA glue and a spreader both of which are available to order on this site.  

Matching thread, sewing needle and maybe a thimble. Whilst the use of a sewing machine is helpful, it’s not essential as only a minimal amount of very basic sewing is required.  

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