Victorian box kits

Many of the Victorian boxes or exploding boxes as they are sometimes are quite small.  Our customers asked if we could create a Victorian box which was more practical to use.  So we did.

This image is the prototype.  You will note than on many of the boxes I create I veer away from straight pockets throughout - mainly because I like to use up leftovers from previous projects and creative.  Angled pockets to hold a packet of needles, pockets which cross to slip embroidered scissors into.  I use oddments of trimmings to edge pockets, or strips of fabric to cover elastic.

You’ll also notice the decorative button in the centre of the lid.  This is really easy to create and a way of using up those buttons which you’ve stored for years and never had occasion to use.

Once you’ve made the padded top for the lid.  On the underside, draw a line from corner to corner to find the centre. Find an appropriate button, one with a shank, where the shank isn’t too long.  You can then punch a small hole though the card, wadding and fabric and secure the button in place on the underside using thread, or thin wire. Ensure that the ends are secured with masking tape and then give it a generous layer of PVA and allow to dry.  Please ensure that it is safe and secure before you attach the padded lid top to the lid. Please be child aware should you decide to incorporate a button in your design.

Some have asked why I’ve included thin wadding into the design.  Essential this was because the box wasn’t tactile.  It was just a fabric covered box, it wasn’t tactile.  Hence the extra addition.

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